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The Vining Family were the proud owner operators of a very successful golf complex in Palmerston North for over 20 years. Golf City was home to an 18 hole golf course, 20 hole mini-golf, full size driving range, pro-shop and café/bar. When the time came to move on from Golf City, the family formed, what is now, Golf Distributors. This wholesale business now supplies an extensive range of product from the top of the North Island, to the bottom of the south island and is the largest distributor of golf equipment in New Zealand.

Over 30 years in the industry has lead to a wealth of knowledge, and has helped to build a reputation of supplying some of the best brands, for every level of golfer. The supply of brands such as Ram, Tommy Armour and Cobra PUMA, have allowed Golf Distributors to become the distributor of choice for retailers big and small.

Every retailer in the industry has direct access to our in-house club assemblers who are able to customise a set of golf clubs to the exact length, weight and feel that will suit the customer.

In the workshop, laser technology and precision assembly tools allow us to produce a set of golf clubs, and deliver that custom made set to the retailer within one week. It is a service we pride ourselves on.

Our extensive list of accessories is un-rivaled. We can provide simple tools designed for everyday use on the course, as well as being able to supply hi-tech training aids. The addition of PUMA clothing has given new life to on-course fashion. The stunning designs that are part of this fantastic brand really do help you to "Look Better, Feel Better, Play Better".

Golf is not always a competition; it is a lifestyle.

We believe that every man, woman and child that chooses to pick up a golf club and play this amazing sport should be supported by those in the industry who know the product, and can meet the needs for golfers of all levels.

The team at Golf Distributors have got this covered.

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