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If your laser does not turn on or the LCD screen does not illuminate, re-press the POWER/FIRE button. If you are experiencing issues with the unit giving inconsistent distances, not locking on to the pin or not jolting it may be experiencing a battery related issue.


Batteries do have a shelf life so if necessary you may need to replace the battery.  We only recommend you use a high quality 3 volt lithium battery. The 2 types of batteries we do recommend are:

  • Panasonic CR2 Industrial Lithium (Silver and Black in colour)

  • Duracell CR2 Lithium (Black, Blue and Copper in colour)

These models of batteries also have a photo strength lithium options, with the most common photo battery being the Panasonic CR2 Photo Lithium in the Blue and White colour. Photo batteries do not have the capacity to power these units and often have a different finishing coating which can affect the performance of the device. On occasions these photo strength batteries may power the unit initially but over time can diminish the chamber and are not recommended for use in lasers.

The spring inside of the battery chamber or on the inside of the battery cap can also affect the devices performance. If this spring is off centre or loose it may not be connecting with the battery properly which may cause inconsistencies with the readings or jolt feature. If a spring is misaligned gently realign it to be straight and centred so as to ensure it connects properly with the battery.

When storing your device please ensure it is kept sealed and in a controlled environment. Any exposure to direct heat or moisture is not warranted. Do not leave your device directly in the sun, in the boot of your car or in a damp bag. 


If your device requires cleaning, gently blow away any dust or debris on the lenses (or use a soft lens brush). To remove dirt or fingerprints, clean with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, rubbing in a circular motion. Use of a coarse cloth or unnecessary rubbing may scratch the lens surface and eventually cause permanent damage.

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