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This design is a wide version of a classic, heel-toe weighted blade putter. This weighting and new size makes gives the player looking for a classic blade all the fogiveness they want. The wide flange design gives the perfect platform to apply the tour-proven Zebra stripe alignment system. The Face Insert Technology completes the forgiveness package of this new design, while giving impact a soft yet responsive feel.

Zebra Putter AIT #4

  • For players that like a blade look with some toe hang, this new wide-body heel-toe weighted design has the forgiveness of a mallet in the shape of a blade. The weight savings from the insert design helped us move weight to the toe and heel to enhance the forgiveness of this classic design.

    Weighing 350g, it is offered in RH/LH with 33-, 34- and 35-inch shaft lengths, with a full offset and 25° toe hang.  

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